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ARIETE Dust Seal Kit (109) 43x54.2/59.8x6

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    ARIETE Dust Seal Kit (109) 43x54.2/59.8x6
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Dimensions: 43 × 54.2/59.8 × 6/11 TYPE- Y-11 (DUST SEAL)

ARIETE* Fork Seals are manufactured using XNBR* Rubber compound and Stainless Steel metal inserts with Steel tension springs.
XNBR* Carboxylated nitrile rubber is an improved version of NBR* type rubber, XNBR* combines the technical properties of nitrile rubber NBR* but with an increased strength, higher abrasion resistance and a tolerance to chemical additives which are used in fork oils.
All ARIETE* fork seal lips are Fine Ground Finished, which offers complete control of varying internal pressures during extension and compression of the Fork.
Ariete Fork Seal Set – Comprises of 2 x Premiun M/C Fork Seals and 1 x Sachet with special Arisil grease which helps to increase the life of the seal.