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120/70ZR-17 Diablo Rosso III TL 58W Front

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    120/70ZR-17 Diablo Rosso III TL 58W Front
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  • Pirelli technology developed within the World Superbike Championship
  • Unprecedented handling for a new generation of sporty behaviour
  • Bi-compound with wide side soft stripe offering full grip starting from mid lean angle
  • Large footprint area for improved adherence
Technical Data
High performance silica compounds Wide range of “operative temperature” Optimal Grip in all conditions
WSBK derived profile Faster going into lean Race-like handling
“Flash” Racing tread pattern Uniform wear Performance consistency

Role and Positioning

The DIABLO Trademark represents the excellence of the Pirelli Brand in the motorcycle tyre industry. The Diablo family has rapidly evolved from its 2002 introduction in the supersport segment to cover many other market segments from Racing to Hypersport.

The current Diablo Trademark consolidates 13 years of experience, technology and victories in prestigious tests and competitions.

A consistent choice as original equipment by top bike manufacturers, all Diablo marked products are considered a reference by the most acclaimed international magazines. From this history and rich background is born the new DIABLO ROSSO III.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of the new DIABLO ROSSO? III derives directly from that of the well-known and highly regarded competition tyre DIABLO? Supercorsa.

Pirelli considered it important to maintain the grooves with the distinctive “flash” pattern on the tread as an expression of competitiveness.

The tread design proves highly effective for water dispersal making the DIABLO ROSSO? III an extremely safe and high performing tyre in the wet.


The rear tyre is bi-compound with the profile divided in a proportion of 40-20-40%. The high performance side compound with 100% silica formulation covers a total of 80% of the entire tread. The remaining 20% in the central section is made up of a compound functional to stability and mileage.


DIABLO ROSSO III greatly improves handling, absolute grip and performance in the wet, to guarantee lasting and consistent performance for the whole lifecycle of the tyre.

DIABLO ROSSO III presents new profiles, materials of the latest generation, an innovative structure, new compounds and a tread pattern that is derived directly from that of the DIABLO? Supercorsa.